Welcome to Shenzhen Zokon Industry Development Co., Ltd,

(1)Core Value

Integrity, Innovation, Dedication, Efficiency

(2)Elaboration of core value

1. Integrity is the fundamental value of Zoko Corporate,  and the guideline for business running. We consider it not only as a merit, but  also a responsibility, not only a morality, but also a noble pursuit. Therefore  we value integrity and do business honestly.  

 2. Innovation is the fundamental element of corporation  development. It is a pioneering courage. We have to keep moving to avoid being  left behind. Corporation development relies on our employees, their innovation  and pioneering spirit. Innovation brings us self-confidence. In an  ever-changing market, we also need to change, no matter in management system,  technology innovation or market innovation. 

 3. Dedication is our attitude in running business. It  shows our loyalty to our corporation, our partners and clients.  We are dedicated in persistent pursuit of excellence,  to take up responsibility. We are also committed to our employees, clients,  shareholders and society.

 4. We run business in a pragmatic and efficient way. Embracing  plentiful resources such as powerful supply chain and labor market, we set  pragmatic goals and make endeavors. Efficient is a pursuit, a pragmatic  purpose. We have an open, honest heart, a simple, effective way to achieve  quality management.

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