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Security sales from products to integrated

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In 1980s, the Chinese security industry started, it is the concept of security is equivalent to the front-end analog camera, video monitoring system, video tape recorder and the back end of the matrix CRT TV wall structure, customers often need only these kinds of products...... Today, to meet the needs of customer security comprehensive services has become essential!

First, the transformation: selling products or selling services?

1, customer demand to promote enterprise transformation

In 1980s, the Chinese security industry started, it is the concept of security is equivalent to the front-end analog camera, video monitoring system, video tape recorder and the back end of the matrix CRT TV wall consists of a closed system, customers often need only these kinds of products put together by the cable group, China security companies based on these types of products agents.

After more than 20 years of development, although the camera from analog to digital, from standard to high-definition, but only the technical aspects of the product requirements, the overall solution needs little. Enterprise security is still in the camera, PTZ camera control, video recording, information transmission, detection and alarm etc. several categories of products manufacturing, but there are more security companies began independent research and development of products, technology and brand and have their own intellectual property rights.

In recent years, some enterprises have begun to provide solutions for security products and application solutions, but the security system early mainly involves the hardware, software are also responsible for the underlying logic, rarely appear in the application layer security system. For example, with DVR client software, with the intrusion prevention system of alarm management software and access management software with access control system, the security software belongs to the selection and the role of supporting more, as additional product hardware products by hardware vendors provide free of charge to the user.

However, the real service is not only to develop personalized products or solutions according to customer requirements, nor is it a simple after-sales service for products or solutions. Users need more than just a few cameras networking, but also the need for alarm system integration, emergency scheduling effective linkage. With the customer demand, general monitoring products have been unable to meet the needs of the market, the overall solution and other emerging applications developed rapidly, according to the individual needs of different industries, different market demand for the development of customized products to become the new trend of security industry competition from the past into the product competition system as the core solution the comprehensive strength of competition.

2, industry development to promote industrial upgrading

In recent years, due to the improvement of production capacity and technology, the security hardware products represented by cameras are becoming more and more popular. Homogenization of products also means lower profits and more intense competition. China security industry has developed for more than 30 years, has reached the stage of the industry reshuffle. As an industry, every major reshuffle, it means a big industrial upgrading, but also means that enterprises need to change the business strategy, organizational structure, mode of operation, enterprises in order to have a better development opportunities and abilities.

In addition, before the big and small security companies can find their own living space, with the development of the industry, a number of competitive enterprises, with high quality but low price products, strong brand influence has engulfed the SME market space. The compression of hardware product profits, security companies to find other breakthroughs opportunities: technology services to take into account the needs of users, so it can create higher value. So, the financial security system, campus security system, safe city security system, security system and so on the whole shops, a solution needs to be the focus of the project, major security companies chase. Security enterprises in the development of differentiated competition on the road, is experiencing a model from selling products to sell solutions and services transformation model.

3, smart city boost security enterprise upgrades

The wisdom of the city construction to maintain sustained rapid growth in investment by the government, to the security industry to bring enormous business opportunities and broad market space, but also to see the wisdom of the city construction projects and traditional security projects have great differences. This difference can not only help the security industry upgrade, but also eliminate many security companies that can't keep up with the times.

In the traditional view, security companies are smart city projects in the camera, NVR and other products of a certain type of hardware supplier, even if it can provide solutions, it can only solve a unilateral problem. But with the popularization and application of network technology, making the city's evolution from past security simple security protection system to the city integrated system, more and more projects need to be all over the corner of the city information resources together, through the unified management and analysis to make it play a role in helping the government managers to understand all aspects of the real situation of the city timely response and disposal. This puts forward new requirements for the system integration capability of security enterprises. If security companies are still confined to the manufacture of closed products, simply providing hardware products, it is easy to be replaced by more sophisticated hardware vendors, security industry will be marginalized.

In addition, the "smart city" is a very complex information system, under normal circumstances, including the network, common platform, information resources, application systems and service channels and other levels. Especially now it has entered the era of big data, each industry phase

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