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Technical analysis of intelligent elevator access

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Modern cities are full of high-rise buildings, and elevators have become indispensable tools for people to move up and down. But do you sometimes find it less convenient? For example, you will worry about everyone to the elevator floor buttons have infectious diseases; some persons not to take the elevator to the families to distribute advertising; some products can access control card to reach the designated floor, but can not access other floors; by limiting the irrelevant personnel, but also limits the use of temporary visitors, resulting in the inconvenience.

In view of this demand, some manufacturers have developed the latest type of elevator access control equipment. This elevator access control products are modular design, you can choose different configurations according to different functional requirements. The hardware part includes elevator access control board, output conversion board, input conversion board, access control card reader, call ladder controller, special elevator access control software, and use it to form a powerful elevator management system. Below this new class elevator entrance guard is introduced.

System structure

Elevator access control hardware is divided into three parts: intercom linkage part, elevator control part, call ladder control part. Among them, intercom linkage and call ladder control are optional functions.

The main equipment of the system is composed of management computer, management software, communication card, release device, access control master board, output conversion board, input conversion board, call ladder controller, reader, printer and so on.

Management computer: system operation platform;

Management software: manage data and hardware;

Communication card: connect computer and access control hardware for networking and communication;

Publisher: issue cards in a management system;

Access control board: connect with management computer and control all access control parts;

Output conversion board: connect main board and elevator key, and change the instruction of master board into elevator control;

Input conversion board (optional): connect main control board and intercom host, and open the host signal of the talkback host to the main board;

Call controller (optional): the call ladder function is limited, and the user can call the elevator;

Card reader: read the card information and upload it to the master board for processing;

Printer: print system report.

Technical principle

Such elevator access control can be attributed to the main control board as the center of management. The main control board of elevator access control is connected with management computer, card reader, output conversion board, input conversion board and exchange access button. As the center of information processing, it is responsible for the operation of the whole system.

When working, the reader will read the card data to access the main control board, the main control board to determine if the card is valid, then the corresponding effective judgment authority and the authority to ride the elevator arrived at the floor, and then the signal will be opened to the corresponding floor elevator output expansion board. The main control board for card reader interface design is compatible with RS485 and Wigan in two forms of communication, in addition to the use of their card reader, can also provide their own user with 26 or 34 of the Wigan Wigan reader, to choose a more extensive and flexible.

The output expansion board is composed of dozens of relays and control IC circuits. The signals transmitted by the main control board are converted into relays to drive the keys of the elevator so as to realize the functions of intelligent management. The output board has two sets of output relays corresponding to each floor, so it can realize three kinds of connection modes, including single parallel, single series, one series connection and one parallel connection.

An optional module for the access control system of the elevator. It is connected with building intercom system, monitor each floor door movement, when judging a talkback host has open action, access control signals to the main control board, and then the corresponding floor information are sent to the main control board, main control board to drive the elevator to the public such as layer 1 floor, but after the opening of the corresponding the floor buttons, so, to achieve the linkage intercom and elevator.

The call ladder control section is also equipped with an optional module for this system. In fact, it is a similar type of access control products, which own the machine number, not with the main control system communication, do not keep the card record. It is used in conjunction with the call on the button, when the card is valid, call controller switch signal output, this time can press the call on the button to call the elevator lift, can be directly used as the signal calling signals on the elevator.

The management center software through the dedicated communication line communicates with the main control board, the completion time of loading, time setting, card issuance, report the loss, solution hang, record extraction management operation, realize the management of the whole system.

Functional and technical implementation basic function

1. Credit card arrives at the appointed floor. When a card is issued, the authority that authorizes the cardholder to reach the floor is authorized. When in use, when the user enters the elevator and the card on the card reader, access control board to determine whether this card can effectively reach the floor and permission to convert the signal to the relay started through the output conversion board will automatically press the corresponding button on the floor, the elevator can be bound to the designated floor. At this point, the card free user button is invalid and limits the illegal use of the elevator.

2, after swiping the card to open the button permissions, manually press the button to reach the floor you want to go. No credit card, in addition to public layer button (such as the 1 floor, 1 building), other floor buttons are locked. After swiping the card, the elevator access control opens the button on the authorized floor, that is, the relay is connected with the relay corresponding to the authorized floor key, and the elevator is started when the user presses the button corresponding to the corresponding floor. The unauthorized floor key is invalid

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