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Mobile Internet access into the community O2O

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With the rapid development of high-tech, intelligent housing is the trend of the times. Access control system, as the entrance and exit control system, in more and more residential and residential buildings installed access control system. However, attracting access to the security of the people at the same time, it also brings some problems. Such as visiting friends, you are busy in the kitchen cooking, clothes on the balcony, in the toilet, did not hear the doorbell or not convenient to open the door, to make friends in the cell door waiting downstairs or. Intelligent wireless access control system to solve this problem, at the same time also has equipment property management functions, such as households through the brush access card or enter the password to open the door, immediately can see the water, electricity, payment, courier and other information.

Smart phone access to the focus of O2O layout

In 2015, the community O2O competition has intensified over the past year, and business class O2O application, the status of a powerful and unconstrained style All flowers bloom together., 2015, has chouzhunshiji real estate giants have shot, Vanke, poly, Hengda as the representative of the real estate group launched their own community O2O platform. Similarly, unlike many entrepreneurial O2O, familiar with the property management rules of the giants, are on the launch of the O2O platform infrastructure intelligent upgrade attaches great importance to. Among them, the smart phone access control because of its unique role and called O2O strategic layout of the important fulcrum.

Community O2O enters the 2 age

As a matter of fact, the community O2O of 2015 has entered the 2 era in. Manifested in:

1) application operations from light to heavy, the focus shifted from pure online operations to online and offline depth combination. The reason is that the completion of community infrastructure and services is the basis of community O2O operation, this part can not guarantee that user activity and stickiness can not be guaranteed. In a severely damaged infrastructure, property services standards community to engage in community operations and build castles in the air so small failures there is not a fraction of difference, is a typical.

2) each function module of community O2O application platform is gradually divided. From the original one to do all the simple business together to build their own core competitiveness, and the remaining business refinement of a number of joint. All kinds of function modules are embedded with each other, such as SDK, API, and so on. They share resources and operate jointly. Especially in the basic functions, such as access control, courier cabinets and other relatively heavy, but very important business functions, operating in a cooperative manner to become the best choice to ensure speed and efficiency. The specialization and modularization of the basic services have also enabled the operators of the community O2O to withdraw from the improvement of the infrastructure, and devote more energy into the integration and operation of the relevant resources in the community.

Mobile phone access or breaking into the vanguard

In 2014-2015 national top 100 real estate, Vanke, poly, Hengda breakdown of the top three. And in their respective communities O2O layout is invariably used mobile phone access control equipment, on the one hand directly to the original old district entrance replacement upgrade, solve access damage brings more convenient intelligent menace from the rear door, the experience for the owners, enhance the intelligent level; on the other hand, the overall popularity of mobile phone access, for the community O2O application, user stickiness and activity to provide a guarantee, Poly Group is more directly to the APP named "poly door", mobile phone access in its remarkable position in the overall strategy. The data from the current understanding of the view, the owners of the mobile phone to open the door of the attention, click rate is far higher than the rest of the function module, it have succeeded in carrying out an assignment.

See from the current development, huge market community O2O is widely optimistic, but still in the exploratory stage, perhaps in the mobile Internet era which advocates "a needle to pierce the sky", a special mobile phone access this product will be game artifact community O2O.

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